Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Half Marathon Training Week 8 and 9

I have been remiss in updating my blog about my half marathon training.  So here is a review of the past 2 weeks.
Week 8 was horrid!  I was overwhelmed and felt sluggish, slow, and lazy.  My workouts were:

Monday 7/12/10 Run - VBS to Mill Stream to home - 4.02 miles 13:49 pace
Felt good - first run outside that far.

Thursday 7/15/10 Run - Treadmill - 3 miles 12:39 pace
I missed 2 days prior and it was hard to get back - but I did.
Saturday 7/17/10 Run/Walk - Fort Hill Loop Trail - 4.5 miles 13:46 pace
After climbing 136 stairs I ran/walked the off road dirt trail - 6 times around the loop - distance is estimated. Hot, hot, hot...and humid. It was fun to do a trail - something different!

Week 9 I kicked ass!  I figured that I need to just simply (if only it was simple) DO IT!  So, I did!  (21.25 miles to be exact)

Monday 7/19/10 Run - Treadmill 5 miles 13:02 pace
Felt GREAT! I thought that I would NEVER get past 4 miles...but I did and I felt POWERFUL! Yeah!

Tuesday 7/20/10 Run - Treadmill 3 miles 12:20 pace
Good Run!

Thursday 7/22/10 Run - Treadmill - 3 miles 12:35 pace
I felt slow and stiff...my legs felt like bricks.

Saturday 7/24/10 Run - Lake to Lake to Bagley to Front - 3.3 miles 14:03 pace
Hot, Hot, Hot...Humid - it felt like I had been transported into a tropical rainforest. Slow, but did it.

Sunday 7/25/10 Run/Walk - Lake to Lake to Big Creek to Main St. - 6.85 miles 14:13 pace
I planning to do a 6 mile loop - but when I got home, I mapped it, because of a road closed, it ended up being 6.85 miles.  It was hard and I was so SORE that night - but the next day the achiness was pretty much gone!  And it was such a high to accomplish a distance that I have NEVER done before!

I am finding that SO much of this is mental.  Overcoming my negative self-talk and feeling overwhelmed is truly the biggest hurdles!

If anyone has any tips about creating a positve mental attitude for my training, please share!

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