Friday, September 17, 2010

Women on Fire Tea Party - a little slice of utopia.

Imagine a world where women come together in the spirit of encouragement, support, and authenticity.  A place where judgments, competition, and insecurities are checked at the door and all are welcomed with open arms!  Where women are simply encouraged to become...  to realize their "true" selves search inside themselves to tap into their purpose ... and, step by step, become more of who they really are.

Doesn't that sound unreal?

But it's not...
Last night (after driving two hours through horrific thunderstorms and tornado warnings) I found a slice of that utopia and I am so jazzed!

I attended a Women on Fire (WOF) Tea Party and it was amazing!

The WOF Tea Party celebrated each woman, built a sense of sisterhood, embraced and encouraged collaboration, and intrinsically fostered authenticity.  As soon as I arrived, I knew that I was in exactly the right place.

Stories were shared, connections were made, and women came together to celebrate each other and themselves.  Not simply for self-indulgence or to bolster a friend, but to build a community and to renovate and redefine how success happens and what it looks like.  Instead of competition, winning (thus implying that someone else loses), and clawing up the ladder of success, Women on Fire fosters each person's success through support.  The entire tone and spirit of the night, fit me like a glove (and I am not talking an OJ Simpson glove, I am talking soft, warm, cashmere, perfectly-fitting glove)!  It was wonderfully profound!

I SO am looking forward to my next WOF event!...but, I am hoping for better weather and/or a closer location :)  If this sound at all interesting to you I highly reccomend checking out Women on Fire!  WOF Tea Parties are located in various locations across the country - plus you can sign up for a FREE inspirational newsletter. 

I must send a BIG thank you to Andrea and Jerry who lead the tea party with brilliance.  And to Debbie Phillips who founded WOF.  Also a shout out to Rosemary who is a wonderful connector.

Also, it would be important to note that I was not asked to write this post, nor was I compensated. 
My experience at the WOF Tea Party was phenomenal and I just wanted to share!

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