Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Half Marathon that wasn't

So on Tuesday I went to the doctors.  THANKFULLY, the MRI showed that all is normal in my brain!  So my headaches are nothing serious.  However, my doctor put me on some medicine, and said that I was able to exercise, but I should not do too much, too fast.  So my half marathon is off.  I have mixed feelings about the outcome.  In someways I am incredibly disappointed but in other ways I am extremely relieved.
In this whole experience, there have been many lessons learned. 
  • I never expected to EVER be able to make it as far as I did during training.  The 10 miles of run/walking that I did a few weeks ago is what I will take with me - knowing that I trained and pushed myself to do something that at one point seemed impossible is enough. 
  • Also, in the spirit of being true to myself, I have accepted that I do not like running.  I tried (oh how I tried) to like it - but I don't.  Getting out the door to go run is 1million times harder than getting out the door to bike, or swim, or Zumba, or even spinning.  So I will continue to workout, and be healthier - but I am going to focus on what I enjoy!
  • Lastly, after being sent to get an MRI, to check for an aneurysm or tumor, shook my world a little.  While I didn't want to overreact or over-dramatize the situation, I couldn't help but wonder about my future.  Not knowing if my headaches were something serious, or not, reminded me of the preciousness of life. 
My husband is still doing the half marathon, so we leave tomorrow for Disney. I will be there to cheer on the runners and watch their amazing accomplishment! 

Good Luck to everyone who is racing!


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