Monday, September 6, 2010

Your Night Blooming Cereus Moments...

A week or so ago, a neighbor stop by around 8:30pm in the evening.  He told my husband and I about a flower in his backyard.  The Night Blooming Cereus is a unique plant that blooms one time a year, at night, and the flower only last one night.  I was incredibly intrigued, so I grabbed my camera and headed over to witness this bizarre moment, compliments of Mother Nature.

When I first arrived, the flower was just beginning to open up.

And, about 45 minutes later, the flower had changed drastically...
Isn't it simply stunning?!!? Truly, a moment of brilliance!
This experience got me thinking more about moments of brillance - specifically of the human-kind. 

While, the Night Blooming Cereus is bold, obvious, and beautiful, I think that our moments of brilliance are more subtle and quiet.  Consequently, I think we have a hard time recognizing and celebrating our brilliance.

When is the last time you...
  • Pushed through a challenging moment and saw the glory on the other side?
  • Acted upon an inspired idea?
  • Authentically shared yourself and built a connection with another person?
  • Saw and encouraged the beauty and strength in someone else?
  • Saw and encouraged the beauty and strength in yourself?
  • Opened yourself up to new ideas, thoughts, and ways of doing things?
  • Believed in and stood up for yourself, despite the fear of rejection?
  • Failed, but continued to pursue and persist?
  • Purposely stepped out of your comfort zone?
  • Paid it forward?
Each of those times (plus many others) are your Night Blooming Cereus moments!  Moments where you showed and shared your beauty, your strength, and your gifts. 

Why not take this moment to celebrate yourself... 

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