Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tower Tackled...what was I thinking?

I'm not sure what I was thinking.  But in the theme of health and wellness, I decided to participate in Tackle the Tower yesterday.  Tackle the Tower, which benefits the Ronald McDonald House, is a race up the Tower at Erieview in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.  And, just to clarify, it is up 37 flights of stairs, not in dueling elevators.

11:37.10AM was my start time.  There I was at the bottom of 646 steps and I was going to climb them all!  Why?  I wasn't quite sure.  Ugh - it was go-time.  Pathetically, around the 3rd flight of stairs, my legs were already burning and feeling like rubber.  Many people had already passed me and I still had 34 flights to go!  GRRR...  I willed my legs to continue.  At the 10th floor, a kind volunteer, handed me a bottle of water.  In between my gasps for breath, I think I managed to say "thank you".  Flights 10-20 are a bit of a blur.  At the 20th floor, I did a little happy dance - in my brain (couldn't expend any energy with a "real" dance) - I was over half way done!  Again, a blur until floor 30.  I would love to say that I sprinted the remaining 7 flights - but that would be a big fat lie.  Somewhere in the last 7 flights, I brilliantly thought that using my hands in a sort-of chimpanzee move, might be a good idea.  That proved to not be accurate, because not only did I look ridiculous, but I got an unfortunate head-rush that was not pleasant.  BUT, I did finish - and finishing was my goal.  11 minutes, 53.7 seconds of...agony, persistence, and a bit of pride.  Certainly not a record setting pace - the top female finished in 4:56.9 (I believe her name was Speedy). But, nonetheless, I feel good about doing it.  Will I do it again...? 

"Reply hazy, ask again later."


Rebecca said...

Cool, Kim!!! I've always wanted to do this!!! You're awesome. I was reading some of your blogs and I was reminded of why I like you so much!!!!! I really think that you have a great mindset and I strive to be like that. It's so hard but I think it is excellent that we strive to be better everyday.

jack and jamie said...

Kim! I love this honest and real. Love the space to hear what you experience and learn! Can't wait to keep on reading! =)

Kim said...

Thanks guys!!!! :)

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