Sunday, February 28, 2010

Has Spring, Sprung? & February in Review

I can not believe that today is the end of February!  It flew by...but I am looking forward to March and SPRING...ahhh!  Perhaps some warmer weather will arrive?  I am seriously tired of the snow!

Has Spring Sprung?  This photo was taken today in my front yard.  It is a magnolia bush, which is right outside my oldest son's bedroom window.  This morning he excitedly took my hand and led me back to his room and pointed to the buds on the bush.  He said gleefully, "Mommy, look!  That means spring is almost here!" 

Can you believe it?  Here in Cleveland, we just had a major snow storm...but nonetheless, here it is:  A sign of spring!

Feruary in Review:  Looking back on the last 28 days, I have noticed a few poignant nuggets that are important pieces of my rediscovery journey.
  1. When I wrote the last part of How Did I Get Here? it became clear that I need to honor ME - who I am separate from being a wife and a mom.
  2. I need to let go of self-created definitions of what it means to be a "good mom" and who I think I am.  These definitions are destructive, guilt-ridden, unfair, and limiting.  It is time to rewrite my dictionary.
  3. A shift in how I think about what I think, can seriously change my mood, feelings, and reactions.  My thoughts - are merely thoughts.  Not truths.
  4. And, wonderful words of advice (thanks DK!) I received after posting Heinous Balls of Goodness, I am going to work to try to Embrace Imperfection.
Not too shabby for the shortest month of the year!

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