Friday, August 20, 2010

Inner Mean Girl Reform School - Week 2

During Week 1 of Inner Mean Girl Reform School, I met Catty Inner Mean Girl (IMG).

Week 2 was all about getting to know my Inner Wisdom.

The week's goal was to listen to what Catty Patty was saying to me, and then close my eyes and ask "What does my Inner Wisdom know?"  For instance, Catty Patty often appears when I am thinking about going for a run.  She is quick to say "Let's not go!", "You can't run that far." and "You can do it tomorrow."  When I close my eyes and listen to my Inner Wisdom, instead, I hear "I can do it and - damnit - I am worth being healthy and strong!" and "Go, just do it!".

Surprisingly, my Inner Wisdom voice seems much more calm, and reserved than my screaming, pushy IMG.  So, while I am able to hear my Inner Wisdom, sometimes it is still such a battle to do what I know is best.  Times when I didn't follow my Inner Wisdom, Catty Patty, would add salt to my wound by adding "See, I told you, you can't do it!".

I am learning!  I know that I need to give my Inner Wisdom - the BEST me - a more powerful, strong voice. 

By, saying, out loud,

"I can do it!"
"I am strong!"
"I am poweful!"
"I am worth it!"

I am beginning to feel my strength! 


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