Saturday, August 14, 2010

Women on Fire

I have found my spark and my match has been lit. It is very exciting and I have been so inspired because of a wonderful organization called Women on Fire founded by Debbie Phillips.

Women on Fire is an amazingly uplifting organization that brings women together and offers inspiration, strategies, and support. Recently I listened, again, to 7 Mistakes Preventing You From Being a Woman on Fire! CD, and was encouraged and optimistic about me and my journey! So I thought I would share with you the 7 Mistakes that Debbie has identified:

Mistake 1: Failure to cheer on the successes of other women

Mistake 2: Not asking for help

Mistake 3: Not investing in self and your potential

Mistake 4: Having a lack of awareness on your powerful impact on others

Mistake 5: Forgetting to appreciate, honor, credit, and celebrate those who have helped you along your path

Mistake 6: Not stepping into your own brilliance and playing small

Mistake 7: Comparing yourself to anyone

I know that each mistake I have made – some, a few thousand times – but instead of feeling defeated, the CD was thought-provoking and I was energized to learn from my mistakes.

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Perhaps most notably for me, is mistake number six. Playing small and blending into the background was like an old, very worn, tattered, sweatshirt that I once cherished. For years, I knew it was time to throw it away, but I couldn’t. I didn’t. I wouldn’t. It was my go-to shirt when I had a bad day, or felt overwhelmed, or cranky. I could curl up in it and hide. It was oddly reassuring and way too comfortable to get rid of it. Or so I thought. I ignored that it was full of holes, ripped in various places, frayed at the ends and had been stretched out so much that it no longer fit me. And then one day, after a few comments from my husband about my raggedy attire, I realized that he was right and the sweatshirt went out with the trash. The garb had served its purpose, but it no longer fit me. Similarly, I am beginning to realize that playing small, while it definitely has had a principal role in my life, no longer suits me and who I want to become. So I am proud to say that step by step, I am moving away from the “small me” and one day, soon, I will confidently walk into my own brilliance.

According to Debbie, a Woman on Fire is “someone who is safe enough and aware enough that she can authentically live from her heart. She is in touch with ‘what is it I am in this world to do and am I on my path to doing that?’” I know I am not yet on fire…but have started my kindling.

Thanks Debbie!

*It important for me to let you know that I wanted to share my thoughts about Women on Fire because I have had such a wonderful experience and have learned so much.  No one asked me to write this, nor have I been compensated in any way.

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