Monday, January 17, 2011

From Loathing to Loving - a beginning.

You know those moment...those Aha Moments, when words mixed with strong feelings intertwined with a guttural knowing of TRUTH, invade your entire being?

That is what happened to me one fall day 2011 while I was taking a bath.  I had been reading the book Women, God, and Food and was thinking about my weight, health, and my body.  Just prior to the Aha Moment, I had been lamenting about all my past lose-weight-eat-better failures and felt completely depleted and hopeless. 

Then, something clicked in my head, and that wonderful moment arrived and I realized...

That every time I have EVER tried to loose weight
I started from a place of LOATHING my body
(I would see my reflection in a store window and feel disgust, or I would step on the scale with dread and that LOATHING of my body - and thus a significant part of who I am - would temporarily motivated me, yet ultimately fail me.)
and I wondered, what if, I started in space of LOVING myself and my body?

I knew, in that moment, the incredible power and possible profound impact of those words.  I felt empowered...
and a millisecond later I felt discombobulated and bewildered. 

I didn't know how to start in a space of LOVING my body.  It was a complete change in my thought process and I felt lost.  Yet, I knew that I needed to find my way to that place.

And this year, that is my journey. 

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