Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Defining Love - your thoughts?

I read this wonderful book The Gifts of Imperfections by Brene Brown.  The book is amazing - encouraging, thought-provoking, honest, and challenging.  I have never before read a book that invoked so much emotion - at times I was hopeful and happy and other times I felt incredibly angry and frustrated.

But overall, I was inspired.  I AM INSPIRED!

I have already gone back multiple times to reread parts to better understand myself.

One statement she made, as a part of her definition of love, has really stuck with me...perhaps because I SO want to believe it to be true, and in the same breath, I am petrified that it IS true.  The quote is:

"Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them -
we can only love others as much as we love ourselves."
~Brene Brown

So, I am uber curious, what do you think?
Can we love others, only as much as we love ourselves?

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