Thursday, January 28, 2010

"If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily."
~Gerald Good

In the spirit of gratitude, I am declaring Thursdays as “Thanks for Thursdays”.

Today I am thankful for my quirky son, AB. He recently turned 5 years old and he is very much his father’s son* – something that profoundly exasperates and astounds me. Today, he noticed that our local newspaper was outside on the side deck and slowly getting buried by snow. He asked if he could go out and get the paper. “Sure”, I said. “Get your boots and coat on and go and get the paper.” I was in the middle of cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast so I didn’t pay much more attention. We had done this before and I knew when he got the paper, he would come in and hand it to me. But, what I didn’t consider was that he has never gone out to get the paper in the snow. A bit later, his younger brother was looking for him – I looked out the window, and could see his footprints across the deck and the paper was gone…but where is AB?  I began to get a little concerned, but just then I heard the door open. AB walks in, checks red, and a big proud smile on his face.

AB: “Mommy, It’s cold out there.”

Me: “AB, what took you so long?”

AB: (in a matter-of-fact tone) “I had to shovel the driveway. Because, Mommy, if you drive over the snow it gets slippery.”

Sure enough, he had shoveled. Who is this child? I’m not complaining – but seriously, what kid does that?

So this "Thanks for Thursdays" and am thankful for my son and his love of doing jobs and helping our family.

*I should explain that my husband, JT is a doer (to the extreme). It is second nature to him to “simply” do what needs to be done. And, those tasks that most people dislike and put off, JT strangely enjoys.

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