Monday, January 25, 2010

My list of beliefs/principles (in progress)

What are some of my guideposts - beliefs and/or principles that I live by?  I have been thinking about that - thanks to The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.  It's been fun to take the time to put, in writing, the "stuff" that is the core of who I am and how I make (or want to make) decisions.  So far, my list is as follows:
  • My relationships are what I value most - Take the time and energy for my family and friends is important...but I'm not sure if I deserve a grade higher than a C- for this one.  Hum...note to self: dissidence occuring - perhaps I need to spend some time on this one.
  • Truly being in the moment (even a bad one) is peaceful and makes life better -  Once when I was going through a very difficult time and people continually told me to "be in the moment", I remember thinking "What the hell does that mean?"  To figure out what that meant, I needed to break it down into the basics (or as I like to say "Treat me like a 3 year old").  So, after emphatically believing that the moment was truly CRAPPY, I decided to notice other things of the moment - the breeze coming in the window, the smell of the waffle in the toaster, the sound of the trees blowing in the wind...etc.  And, in that moment, although I still felt CRAPPY, I also felt lighter.
  • Vices, addictions, and some habits get in the way of me being the best I can be - sometimes doing something just because it is what I have always have done gets in the way of progress. 
  • Trust my intuition - it has never let me down - my gut has always been a good guide.
  • Always continue to search for the "real" me
  • When lost, or confused - go back to the basics - even if that means reviewing lessons learned in preschool.  Or - "please, treat me like a 3 year old".
  • Life is a process, I am in process - I don't always need to know what is right, or how to do something, or who I am...I'm still learning
This was a good place to gave me time to think about my truths and better the core of who I am.

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