Monday, March 1, 2010

Ekkk...A Facebook Fan Page

Ok, I am officially scared!  Today I decided to figure out how to make a Facebook fan page and connect it to this blog.  I have been considering doing it for sometime - but I have had incredibly mixed emotions doing this.

I typically like to fade into the background and shy away from anything closely resembling a spotlight.  So creating a "fan page" seemed, well, selfish, and went against my nature.  And, maybe it is selfish.  And maybe this whole blogging thing is too.  Regardless, this blog has made me a more purposeful, introspective, and happier person (and a better mom).  AND, as I promised myself when I started this journey, I am going to step outside my comfort zone. 

So...TA DA... 
Look to the Right (see my FB link!!!!)-------------------------------------->

I am undeniably outside of my comfort zone...and, so far, I'm ok with it!

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SeaStar Creations said...

i am glad you are outside your comfort zone :) this is great! you are not alone in all these feelings. i look forward to reading more.


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