Monday, June 21, 2010

Half Marathon Training - Week 4...Little Goals

This week I felt good about the time I have put in.  I have been logging all of my workouts on (which I gives me my stats, and pace + so much more!)  And this past week here is what I have logged.
06/14: Ran/Walk 1.5 mi
06/15: Ran/Walk 2.6 mi
06/16: Walked 3 mi
06/18: Ran/Walk 2.26 mi pace 13:16
06/18: Walked 2.26 mi
06/20: Rode 8.7 mi
06/20: Ran/Walk 2.6 mi pace 13:46

Overall it was a good week.  Except for a blister - which was simply annoying - I felt pretty good.  I am thinking that setting little goals for a week might be helpful.

So, This week here are my "little goals"...
  1. Run 3 miles without walking.  Each run, I envision running for a longer distance than I actually do.  I find that I am winded, or achy so I stop for a walking breather - but once I walk, I am more apt to walk again, and again, and again...  And then my pace is slow and I get frustrated.  So much of it is mental and I just need to push past my urge to walk.
  2. Get a stretching routine.  My run last night was hard.  I felt stiff the entire run.  Some of that soreness was because I went for a long bike ride (pulling a kid and a bike trailer) earlier that day - but it has happened other times too.  So, I know that more and better stretching would help a TONS!
I think if I can accomplish those 2 things this week, it'll be helpful!
ps...if you are on search for "Kim Cleveland" and friend me.  It's a great accountability tool!

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