Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You know you need time to yourself when...

  • The song stuck in your head is only heard on PBS Kids.
  • At 9:00am, you're ready for a glass of wine.
  • Your dentist appointment and teeth cleaning feels like spa time.
  • Curse words slip off your tongue a little too easily.
  • You actually consider eating chicken nuggets with ketchup.
  • It has been at least 3 months since you've been able to use the bathroom without interruption.
  • The man in the yellow hat is the only adult you've talked to all day.
  • You're mesmerized by Baby Einstein.
  • Going to Mommy and Me classes are the highlight of the week.
  • The only traveling you get to do is on the Dinosaur Train.
  • You are beginning to think that Hard Hat Harry is sexy.
 Let's keep the list going...  YOUR TURN!



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