Sunday, June 20, 2010

Humble pie.

I opened the door and immediately I was humbled.  And, feeling, self-conscious and a wee bit embarassed that I was back...  But, it was time to face it and this was the place that I could no longer have any denial - not even an itty-bitty speck.

The last time I was there, I was feeling strong, capable, and confident. 

I thought it would continue. 

I thought it would prevail. 

But it didn't - I failed.  And facing this failure is a big fat dose of humble-pie.

And, I know I should feel good about returning...I'm just not quite there yet. 

But I'm back and ready to begin again. I am ready to do the work.  And next week, when I walk through that door, my strength and confidence will begin to reappear.  Because I know, when I step up on thatscale, I will lose...
and that will feel GREAT!

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