Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 4 - Finding Joy in Sledding

Day 4 was filled with joy-inducing sledding!

It was perfect - the temperature was a balmy 32 degree, the hill was covered with perfectly packed snow and the boys were THRILLED! 

I am typically a side-liner.  You know the type..."no, no - go ahead.  I'll just watch you sled!"  But not this time!  Nope, I took on the hill.  And I have to say, the first time down, as my heart flew out of my body, the sled and hill had full control, and the fear, fast and furiously, crept in I wondered, "Why in the Hell did I think this would be joy-inducing?" 

But as I got the end of the hill - My face broke into a huge smile and I felt a big ol' "WooHooie!" erupt from my insides.  
Back up the hill for another Joy-inducing (and the occasional tear-inducing) plunge!
Their smiles could not be contained!

Yep, JOY!
                              And the boys felt it too!!!!

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