Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 5 - Making the "Not Fun" more FUN!

Yesterday was Day 5.
It was a day that I was dreading!  I had agreed to "Tackle the Tower" - climb 38 floors, 646 steps - to the top of the Tower at Erieview in Downtown Cleveland with my sister and husband. 

I really wanted to bail. 

But I couldn't.  So instead, I tried to make it FUN!
  • I took the pressure off. My goal was to simply finish and did not feel compelled to beat my previous times.
  • I took my MP3 player and listened to some great tunes while I climbed.
  • Knowing that challenges like this are often more mental than physical, I decided to focus on staying calm.
  • I recognized that the anxiousness that I was feeling at the start was just part of the experience and instead of wishing it away, I made room for it.
  • At each water stop, I made a point of smiling and saying "Thank You" to the volunteers.
  • When other folks were ready to pass me, I smiled and let them go by.
When I finished I felt great! I didn't beat a previous time - not by a long shot. But I didn't care.

I did it! And, I even enjoyed it!

AND, more importantly, I experienced something that I have NEVER experienced before in all of my various races...I never once compared my body to the other racers. I never felt like a fraud or that I didn't belong. And, I never felt bad about myself or my body for not being and looking healthier and "better".  And to that I have to say - WOW!

That is HUGE for me! 
Yep...Day 5 was a SUCCESS!

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