Friday, February 11, 2011

Finding 3 Days Lacking Joy-Inducing Activities.

Confession time...
Forgive me father, for I have sinned...
I have been remiss in my monthly commitment to myself. 

It all started on Tuesday, when my joy-inducing activity of Making a Craft, was, well...less than joy-inducing.

And then life unusually busy Wednesday, with a doctor's appointment that was disappointing, and then I woke up with a head cold on Thursday that left me foggy and unmotivated, and today, I am still feeling the blahs and, of course, beating up on myself for my 3 days of no joy-inducing activities.

I tried really hard to put a spin on it and find the positive - but every spin I thought of was simply a lie. 

The truth is that I stopped.  And, the BLAHS moved in and the JOY moved out. 

As an all-or-nothing type of person, typically I would simply throw the towel in and quit my Month of Joy.  I would of accepted defeat and been done.  But I am fighting that urge.

So I am starting again.

Left on my list of Joy-Inducing activities are:
Go to a Movie, Paint, Play, Fresh Flowers, Get a Mani and a Pedi, Write a Letter to a Friend, Laugh Out Loud, Write a Poem, Make Goop with the Boys, Clean out a Closet, Add More Color to My World, Write a Love Note, Make S'Mores, Make a Snowman, Do Something Crazy, Have a Date Night, Write a Story, Sing.  And, I have a Dance do-over in order.

Today, I will Clean out a Closet.  Hell, I'll clean the whole house.

So I'm off to find Joy in a vacuum.  Wish me luck.

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