Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 7 - Finding Joy is Like a Walk in the Park.

Today is Day 7

And it was a walk in the park and dabbling in Photography that added nuggets of Joy to my day. 

Here in Cleveland, Ohio we covered with S.N.O.W - but it is not that pretty just fallen snow, it is the mucky, yucky brown with the occassional yellow spotted snow.  Furthermore, today was a very gray day and I am not exactly sure why I choose to take on "walk through the park" on such a gloomy day - but I am glad I did!  And, I am especially glad that at the last minute, I decided to grab my camera.

Once I got into the park, the mucky, yucky stuff that is all around town, was no where to be seen.  Instead I saw...

I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty and the color.  The orange, yellows, and browns were a vibrant contrast to the snow.  I didn't expect to get many good shots, but I end up with quite a few that I really like.  Yeah!

A simple walk in the park + my camera = JOY!

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