Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Love Letter

Happy Valentine's Day!  The perfect day to write a love note!

Who are you going to write your love letter to this year?

Me? I wrote one to myself.

Wait! Before you roll your eyes and think about how hokey it is to write a love letter to yourself, hear me out!

I thought the same thing - but then I did it.  Yes, it felt hokey.  But it also felt incredibly empowering!  And it was a fabulous way to appreciate my past, recognize and embrace the present and envision the future.
Really, you should try it!
Here is what I wrote (ekk! I'm scared to share)

February 14, 2011

Dear Kim-

I’m not always sure if you know how wonderful you are. You are! Please remember that you are loved.

I know that right now you are struggling to find your place. Please let that be ok. Give yourself time and room to grow into your best self and you will become more comfortable. You don’t always have to have the answers. The answers will come, when it is time. Sit with the unknown and be ok. And, remember right now, your place is right as it should be. Yes there are times, like currently, when you feel “out of sorts” – just know that those moments are primed for growth. Allow the feelings in and you will get to the other side, happier and healthier.

In the mean time, continue to step outside of your comfort zone. Continue to try on new roles. Continue to learn and grow. You know you have something special going on. Over the past year, you have really taken the time on yourself! You are so open to learning and growing. It is astonishing how honest you can be with yourself and others. You are not afraid to share shameful and tough moments – and, please, begin to believe that it DOES make a difference in other peoples’ lives. You know you have gifts to share. Share them.

Now, about friendships: Yes, you have been hurt, disappointed, and blindsided by friends. But that does not mean that you should avoid new friendships. Let your guard down – if only a little – and let people in. Having friendships is so valuable. Being alone is no fun. Let go of that pain. Forgive.

As far as your body – don’t give up. Most importantly, continue to come from a place of love; for that will take you further than you know. You have habits that have been in place for over twenty years. Know that two steps forward will also include a step backwards. Mistakes will be made. It’s ok. Persist.

With regard to the Kim of the future: Keep that vision of yourself, years from now, on the beach feeling so complete, confident and uber comfortable in your own skin, fresh and available. Envisioning her will help you become! One day you will look in the mirror and recognize her – she’s in there. You already have glimpses of her. She is you! Believe.

With regard to the Kim of the past: Think about where you have been and how much you have grown.
  • You are so much more comfortable in your own skin than just a year ago.
  • You are embracing your authentic self and (mostly) have no apologies for be you.
  • You (along with Jeff) have created your wonderful family – filled with love, laughter, and confidence.
  • Your boys are happy, healthy, and add joy to the world. And you have a significant role in that!
  • You continually strive to improve and grow. And, you do!
  • You were once afraid of physically pushing yourself, and now, you have successfully completed a Triathlon and ran/walked 10 miles.
  • Fear used to stop you – now you can step into the fear and try new things.
Truly, it is staggering.

Please, Celebrate Yourself!
With love,


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