Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 6 - Finding Super Bowl Joy.

Super Bowl Sunday was Day 6 And, instead of following my list - I found joy elsewhere.
I don't think anyone who knows me would define me as a sports fan.  It's not that I am not familiar with sports and team games.  And, have, at various times in my life, followed teams regularly.  When I was in high school and college on fall Sundays the Cleveland Browns was my team to watch.  A few years later, when the Browns were hijacked, leaving Cleveland football-less, I was living in Wisconsin, so I adopted the Packers as my team.  I have also been know to enjoy attending Indians games - or even better, minor-league baseball games.  But in the more recent years, I have not been much of a sports fan.  Other things seemed to be a priority.

But this year I decided that I wanted to watch the Super Bowl - I figured if for nothing else, the commercials would be fun. 

So I made some yummy turkey chili.  Started a fire in the fireplace.  Got my big floor pillows out and was set to watch the game. 

The fun began as soon as the game started.  My boys (ages almost 5 and 6) started asking questions about the game.  I had so much fun explaining the 4 downs, end zones, touchdowns, and punting.  And, they took it all in with exuberant curiosity...wondering about why they are called the "Packers" and what a "Steeler" is?  Some of their questions and comments were so innocently sweet and adorable funny that my husband and I often glanced at each other, in amusement, and smiled.  It was a blast to hear them talk about teams "huddling up" and to see them excitedly cheering on the "Green Bays". 

Later, after the boys had gone to bed, I laid by the fire and savored the warmth, while my husband read a magazine.  It felt so cozy and incredibly peaceful. 

As I headed to bed, I noticed the smell of the fire on my PJ's.  It brought back many memories of bonfires, campfires, and winter days snuggled up at home.  For us, the day was not extraordinary.  It was not filled with awards or huge accomplishments.  It was not about football or who would win the game.  It was a simply an moment filled with family and love.  

A perfectly, JOYFUL, ordinary moment!

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