Sunday, May 16, 2010

GIVEAWAY ~ Today's your last chance!

As I mentioned in my Mother's Day Post, I am considering writing a book about motherhood and I would like input from other moms. Anyone who fills out my survey (and includes their name and email address) will be put into a drawing to win Amy Wilson’s book When Did I Get Like This?

Today is the last day - and it is only 10 questions!  The winner will be posted tomorrow!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone one who already filled out the survey! 

And, for those of you who haven't yet, in case you need a little more motivation...I will share with you a little more of why I LOVE Amy Wilson's Book - the book YOU could win... 

This book is her story of trying to figure out the balance between listening to all of society's pressures about doing what is the "best" for her children and listening to her own voice and being the best mother she can.  As she writes,
"I love my three children, and I know every day how very lucky I am to have them.  I just don't want to have sinking panic about mothering them anymore.  I don't need to be perfect. I don't want to be a disaster, either.  Somewhere - anywhere - in the middle would be nice."
Motherhood is definitely a journey - and it's nice to know I am not alone on my mothering travels.  When Did I Get Like This? reminds me, that many of our struggles are universal, and that there can be a wonderful camaraderie among mothers if we are open, honest, and truly supportive, as each of us finds our own best way. is important to say that I was not asked to, nor have I been paid for my recommendation of this book!

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