Monday, May 31, 2010

Half Marathon Training: Week 1

I would love to say that I am psyched, motivated, and loving the training - but that would be a big fat lie.  I waiver between feeling good and cautiously excited to being incredibly overwhelmed and wondering why I am doing this.  It's been like a yo-yo...and I really enjoy the ups much better than the downs. 

So I thought that the best way to review this week of half marathon training is by highlighting the UPs and the DOWNs.

UP #1:  I connected up with Michele from Scraps of My Geek Life and Fiona from Mom Active who are both doing the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon and I got some great tips!  Fiona hosts a Wednesday night program on MomTV designed to support and encourage moms to choose an active, healthy and fit lifestyle.  And, during last week's program, which Michele was interviewed on, I learned about two wonderful websites that I quickly started using.  The first is Map My Run where it is simple to map out how many miles in a running route (both on streets and on trails).  The other site, Daily Mile, gives me the perfect place to log my miles and keep a journal of each day's workout - plus it is easy to connect with other folks!  It's fun to feel like a larger community!

UP #2:  I ran/walked for four days and each time I felt better about the last. 

UP #3:  A couple of my workout included pushing my boys in a double stroller.  I expected it to be a whiny, fussy, and cranky run - but I wasn't sure if that would be them or me!??!  But instead I was surprised at how much fun we had!  Since I knew that those workouts would be a run/walk, they got to tell me when to run and when I could walk.  I am confident I had a better workout with them than I would have on my own, since they choose "walk" very often, except for the short block where there was a construction site and the time I "highly recommended it. 

DOWN #1:  13.1 miles feels IMPOSSIBLE!  I can not wrap my brain around how I am going to be able to run that far.

DOWN #2:  Blister.  Dang - those things hurt!  I simply wore the wrong socks.  Never again.  I bought 6 more pairs of socks, so I will always have at least one clean pair.

DOWN #3:  Workout apparel.  A few years back, when I decided to run a 5k, I learned about Enell Workout Bras, and for me - who if I could, would happily donate 90% of my endowment to anyone - that bra was a true seas-parting, walk-on-water-type miracle!  It is quite the contraption with 20 million hooks and it's amazing smashing and flattening ability.  But, it is also a huge pain to put on and I have noticed some raw skin from the elastic band (ouch!)  So I think I am going to have to investigate new sports bras.  Also - I can not find shorts that are attractive and work for me.  Since I am not skinny and my legs, errr, rub together (did I really just admit that?) so unless I wear dreaded spandex or longer pants, I am not comfortable in the least.  So either I need to always workout in the air conditioned gym or figure out some new shorts.

OK...I guess I'll take the ups and deal with the downs... 
Week two here I come!

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