Sunday, May 23, 2010

On your Mark...Get Set...

OK...a while back I saw this post from Michele at Scraps of my Geek Life about the Inaugural Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon and I posted a comment, that I was considering doing it.  Her enthusiasm was contagious!  Directly after commenting, I called my husband, at work, and proposed the harebrained idea to him...and he said "What?!!?...Maybe...I can't think about this right now."  And that was how the idea sat...for a a few days. 

Which brings me to today. brings me to tomorrow. 

The day I start...

For 13.1 Miles!
(What the hell am I thinking?)

But here's the deal...I have never ran more than a 5k.  And, I am at least 40 pounds overweight.  And, I don't really think that I like running. 

But I am hopeful - that I will be able to train beyond 3.1 miles - and that I might lose some weight - and that I will focus on the good things about running (maybe I'll even grow to like it)!

And committed - that I will do it!  My goal is simply to finish.
(And to have some accountability I will be posting every Monday, for the next 19 weeks, about my progress and training.)

Tomorrow I run/walk 1.5 miles.  And that, I know is doable...but I know it only gets harder from here...

So...wish me luck.  (and my hubbie too...he's also doing it!)

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