Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just a Mom...

Being at this conference has really forced me to question myself. As I wrote in my last post, I have stepped into another world and I am outside of my comfort zone. I found, over and over again in the last four days, that I wanted to enter the blissful “I’m ‘just’ a mom” state of ignorance. I consciously questioned that mindset and realized that simply by thinking and saying, “I’m ‘just’ a mom”, I imply that motherhood is an unskilled and unqualified position. In fact, that is not at all true. Moreover, being a mom has added to my skill set and qualifications – not subtracted, like so many would lead you to believe.

So, I realized that I need to change my language and mindsets about being mom. When I thought about my everyday work as a mom, I realized all the transferable skills moms have!

And here is what I realized:

The people moms work with, day in and day out…
Are master manipulators and have no problems pulling out all the stops to get what they want.
And, we have the skills and abilities to evaluate the situation, determine appropriate outcome, and stand our ground.

Place incredible and often unrealistic demands on us multiple times a day.
And, we know how to prioritize, delegate, assess, and produce successful outcomes.

Procrastinate, ignore requests, and rebel.
And we are capable of getting their attention, redirecting negative energy, and encourage them to accomplish tasks.

Have a hard time focusing to acheive their goals.
And we motivate and provide call-to-action incentives that encourage their success.

Continually ask more and more of us.
And we persist.
So to hell with this “just” a mom stuff! We are highly skilled and qualified. We are MOMs!  (insert ROAR here!)

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