Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Jolt of Happiness

Today is a rainy, gray day and I was feeling a little blah...so I thought it was time for another Jolt of Happiness.  As I explained in my first Jolt of Happiness, I took ten minutes to take photos of Happiness.

And here are the results...

I love my books!

A bunch of crayons...To me, the essence of childhood fun and creativity.

No need for explanation.

We started planting this area 3 years ago - and this year it is starting to feel peaceful - like a wonderful garden, I imagined.  And to think, orignially, I wanted to just plant grass there!

Just pretty.

And, of course the boys - and their weird need to ALWAYS have their hoods on...what is that about?!!?

OK...Your turn!  What would you photograph? 
Your 10 minutes start NOW!

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