Saturday, May 29, 2010

When Searching Leads to Finding!

I started this blog in January and I was feeling lost.  Since then I have tried to be purposeful about figuring out who I am, beyond a mom and wife. And while I haven’t figured it all out I feel like I have found more of me. In the past six-ish months I have recognized that…
  • I am passionate about motherhood and the importance of moms supporting other moms.
  • Stepping outside of my comfort zone, while unnerving, ultimately produces wonderful moments of growth.
  • I love to write and that I am even good at it.
  • I am creative and I need to incorporate it into my life daily.
  • As long as I am true to myself, it is OK if everyone doesn’t like me. (it sounds simple, but that is big, for me!)
  • My confidence has grown as I have gained clarity in who I am and what I believe in.
And all these realizations have lead to make some decisions about my life, which are energizing, motivating, and make me excited to get out a bed every morning. Some of these life changes, like writing a book and training for a half marathon, I have shared on my blog. And, because of that, I have made some wonderful and unexpected connections with others who have inspired me!  And for that, I am so thankful!
Also, I am happier than I was in January and more excited about my future! It will be fun to discover what the next six months of searching will find.


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