Thursday, May 6, 2010

April Lessons Learned

Holy S'moly!  It's May 6 - I am a bit behind!  Ekk!  Regardless, I want to review the month and identify the lessons that I have learned throughout the 30 days of April.

My April Lessons Learned are...
  • Expectations, at times need to be assessed and reshaped.  Often what I expect of myself as a mom is unfair, unachievable, and defeating.  (I learned that here.)
  • Revisiting my past, is enlightening!  I found that, truly, I am a work in progress and the times that were the hardest, I learned from and became a better me.  (as evident here, here, here, and here)
  • Stepping outside of my comfort zone is scary, uncomfortable, unnerving, and intimidating but nonetheless wonderful!  Facing and embracing those moments (here and here) helped me build confidence that I would not have otherwise had.
  • Lastly, and I believe most importantly...I have learned that I am strong...and those aspects of myself that I formally thought were weak, pathetic, and fragile are, in fact, my strength!  (most notably, I realized that here - my favorite post thus far!)
April flew by...I can not believe it is May!

What did you learn about yourself during the 30 days of April?

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