Monday, May 17, 2010

Thanks and the Winner is...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
to everyone who filled out my mom survey! 

The responses have been fascinating and I thought I'd share a little nuggets of the good stuff with you!

78% said that Yes, they have felt that you have lost some of themselves since becoming a mom.

Beth explained, "I wanted to be a novel writer.  I wanted to write music lyrics. I wanted to get a master's degree and then a PhD.  I wanted to take long hikes and weekend getaways with my husband.  I also wanted to be a mother...which seemingly pushed all of those other things to the bucket list of 'someday'."

Sandi said, "Especially since I am a stay at home mom, I feel like I gave up on my I worked really hard for and loved.  I'm glad that I am home with her, but I am anxious to get back to work...some day."

And, Jennifer said, "I have grown so much that some of the old me had to leave."

22% responded that No, they do not feel as if they have lost themselves since becoming a mom.

Anne explained, "I found more of myself when I became a mom.  Losing my mother at 22 really put my life and idea of self off kilter...When I became a mother, my whole life fell into place.  I had greater purpose and a litmus test of any decision: What would be best for my child/children."

To the question, How often, within an average week, do you feel "mom guilt"?, you answered in the following way:
38% Multiple Times a Week.
20% Multiple Times a Day
20% Approximately Once a Week
16% Approximately Once a Day
8% Never
Mandy, a member of the 8% Never group explained, "I have to say that I no longer feel guilty. But I did feel guilty when the kids were younger...I felt guilty for wanting to get a babysitter on a Saturday night with my husband....I felt guilty that I couldn't attend all the parties and events due to my work schedule." And then she realized that, "beating myself up about it was not accomplishing anything positive."  I love that, Mandy!  I am striving to find that peace within myself every day!

I am still sorting through all the surveys and I am amazed and thrilled with everything you shared.  Again, THANK YOU!  If you didn't get the chance to fill out the survey, but want to (and I would be so appreciative) click here to take the survey.

And now for the winner of the book, When Did I Get Like This?, by Amy Wilson...

After our high-tech random drawing...

The winner is Dottie Movshin!
 Congrats Dottie!

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