Friday, March 5, 2010

A Jolt of Happiness

I’m not sure what it was…this morning I was just feeling blah. It could have been about the brown, mucky, sloppy mess of dirty melting snow that we have to deal with every time we walk out the door. It could have been because the house desperately needs a thorough cleaning and I have no motivation to do it. Or that every night (give or take 1 or 2) for the past two weeks I have had some sort of meeting or event and I feel like my husband and I have not had any time together. It could have been many other reasons…but in the end, it doesn’t really matter why – I just was feeling BLAH! So I knew I had to do something. I needed a quick dose of happiness.

Two items came to my mind... 1) During this search for myself, I have came across many different activities that I think, “I would like to try that.” While perusing the internet and reading various blogs, I came across one blog whose author had just finished 365 Days in Photos. I loved the idea taking photos and capturing 1 year of moments.  2) I have also been reading various books about motherhood, happiness, balance, etc. One book that I tend to pick up to remind myself to appreciate who I am and what I have is The Happy Book, by Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder.

So, in the spirit of those two random things, I decided to create personal jolt of happiness. I challenged myself to find and photograph happiness in just 10 minutes. I grabbed my camera, set the kitchen timer, and stated taking pictures. Here are the results:

Our Jar of Marbles...some of these are mine from childhood, some of them are from JT's.  They don't make marbles as beautiful as they once did.

Mocha - our chocolate lab.  She is such a loyal, wonderful dog and for some odd reason, she was scared of the camera... (and clearly not an Alpha).

New Crocs...a hopeful sign of spring.

Dishes painted by my friends at my wedding shower.

The last page of OB's First Year scrapbook - just have to put the book together and it is done!

A wonderful painting that hangs in our master bedroom.  A very good friend of mine's father is the artist.  It is a gift I will always treasure.

And of course, My boys...

And you know what?  After completing it, I Felt Happier!

How would you photograph happiness?...
On your mark, Get set, Go!  (your 10 minutes begins, NOW!)


jack and jamie said...

Love, love this idea!

Debbie said...

ooohhh - nice twist on the 365, which I consistently start and quit. I will try this today - soon!

Kim said...

Thanks Jamie ad Deb! It was fun to do!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, seems excellent idea to me is

Anonymous said...

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