Friday, April 30, 2010

The kid-less adventure continues...

Did I mention yesterday that I would be OUTSIDE OF MY ELEMENT? That was the understatement of the century! I feel like I have landed on a different planet! I would be more comfortable changing multiple poopy diapers and wrestling down a class of crazy, sugar-high toddlers at a playground, than I was this morning in the sea of thousands of business men (mostly) and women. There I was – in my mommy khaki skirt (I mean I thought I should get a little dressed-up), Merrell Mary Jane Walking Shoes, white tank top, and bright orange logo-ed button down oxford – in a conference room listening to marketing gurus disseminate their wisdom, and later, staffing our booth trying to answer questions about marketing paraphernalia and customer reactivation products. I was feeling like a fraud!

A Big Fat bright-orange-shirt-wearing fraud!

I thought “What the hell am I doing here?!!?” and “I am a SAHM, I don’t know shit about this stuff!” I felt the urge to escape! I thought about running for the hills – but we are in Texas and the land is looking pretty flat. I tried to blend into a wall, or background – but, since I am wearing a BRIGHT ORANGE shirt (have I mentioned that yet?) that didn’t work. And, also, I had to consider that this is my husband’s brainchild; his wonderful ideas that he had produced and people here are interested in buying and using these products! He is depending on me to share his excitement with others.  I couldn’t let him down!

Furthermore, I am completely dismissing my skills, abilities, strengths, and chutzpa.

Yep…I am out of my element. But so what?!! I am a SAHM with two preschool boys and I previously worked twelve years with crazy college students. I have skills. I can tackle toddlers, be up to my elbows in turds, and deal with drunken, unruly co-eds – so what’s the big deal about a few thousand suits?  Plus, I have talked so much in this blog about stepping outside of my comfort zone; consequently, I need to embrace this situation.

So I am.

Tonight while staffing our booth, I was on fire – I dismissed my fraudulent attitude and employed my skills. I chatted, circulated, and promoted. Suits stopped by our booth and I took charge. “Hi, (insert name badge here)! I’m Kim. How are you?” I found out about their business and I suggested ways we could help. I identified commonalities and developed rapport. I showed folks our products, and I and found intelligent and creative ways they could utilize them.

And you know what?

This SAHM still has it! Nope, strike that…I don’t still have it – I’ve got more!

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