Monday, April 5, 2010

In Print!

Today's post is little celebration!  This feel a bit boastful...but I am excited, so, boasting or not, here it is! 

A few months ago I submitted a clean-up activity to the My Great Idea section of Family Fun Magazine and this month they used it! 
(And...I even got a little bit of cash-a-roni too!  WOOT!) 

Is was a little dissapointed that they didn't use this adorable picture of Owen that I submitted.

But hey, even without the pic, it's pretty neat to be in print!


Tabatha said...

thats awesome!!! way to go KIM!!

nicole said...

Congratulations! That is ridiculously awesome.

Jen said...

Congratulations! This is exciting. Too bad they didn't use the picture, it's adorable.

Kitchen Belleicious said...

What a fun blog! Stopping by from SITS and following you now! Would love for you to stop by for some good recipes for the family and I have a giveaway going on this week!

Jackie said...

Congratulations - that's such a great idea!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I love your clean up race idea! I will work on that this week and give it a try!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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