Friday, April 16, 2010

Woes. just wondering...

I wonder when I’ll…

Have a full adult conversation with out interruptions from my kids.

Be in the bathroom alone.

Fix a meal, other than PB&J or chicken nuggets, that my kids won’t bellyache about.

Sleep until I wake on my own.

Experience a day without whining (theirs or mine).

Not be tired.

Clean the house, and it stays that way for longer than fifteen minutes.

Eat a leisurely meal.

Have a clean playroom, without tears, fussing, or fighting.

Stop yelling.

Figure out how to manage all the demands placed on me, without overlooking my needs.

Have a day without mom guilt.

Give myself a break!

Today, I have a huge case of the mommy woes. 

And, since misery loves company...please, tell me what do you yearn for?

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