Saturday, April 3, 2010

March Lessons Learned

Wow, it's already April! How did that happen?

In the spirit of this being a purposeful journey, each month I am taking the time to reflect back and take note of the lessons that I learned.

In March, the lessons I learned are:
  1. That judgments, guilt, and beating myself up are detrimental. When I judge others, take on unnecessary guilt and have unrealistic expectations I am not only negatively impacting myself – as a mom and as a woman, but I am contributing to an environment that perpetuates such destructive behavior for all moms.  (I learned that: here, here, and here)
  2. It is vital to be honest about our feelings, perceptions, and experiences of motherhood. When I am honest and open I feel less alienated and alone.  (Enlightenment happened: here)
  3. Sometimes it is important to just stop and have fun!  (Fun times: here, and here)
  4. It’s not as scary as I thought to “put myself out there!” In fact, I feel stronger and more confident because of it!  (Confidence builders: here, here, and here)
Yeah! Cheers to March!
What did you learn about yourself this past month?


Adrienne said...

great reflections and fun keeps the world spinning on its axis correctly

Jackie said...

You're inspiring me to reflect...& someday get the courage to "put myself out there" too. I'm getting there baby step by baby step.

Tylaine said...

It's a process but I think I'm learning to spend more time with my kids and let the cleaning go (which is hard being a little bit of a neat freak) Cleaning will always be there but the kids won't always be young! I can't believe how much I can relate to the things I've read from you. I wish I had the courage though to change things like you are. You're Awesome!

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