Sunday, March 7, 2010

Assessed and Curious...

In the spirit of having a purposeful journey to rediscover myself, over the past month, I have taken various assessments (personality, career, etc.). Some of the tests were goofy like Facebook’s Dr. Seuss Personality Test that said I was “Sam I Am”. And since I like green eggs and ham, I am good with that – but I am not sure how helpful it is.

However there were some tests, like The Holland Code, the Enneagram, and from Oprah, a “Who Am I Meant to Be?” test, that really made me think and the results seemed to accurately reflect who I am. I have taken many personality tests before, and have always gained some insight, but what I found incredibly interesting, this time, was the common thread I found in these results.

In The Holland Code ( I was identified as SAE. Meaning I scored the highest in Social, Artistic, and Enterprising areas.

For the Enneagram ( my results ended in a tie. I scored highest in two personality types: The Artist and The Peacemaker.

The last quiz that I took that was from O Magazine ( labeled me as “Striving to be Creative”.

While over time, I have come to see myself as creative (previously, I believed that “real artists” had a monopoly on the creativity gene), I never thought of myself as an artist – or that my creativity was anything more than a hobby. But, after taking these assessments and realizing that the common theme is artistic/creativity, I am curious. Curious about what I could do and what I could create…

And what that could mean to my rediscovery.


Beth said...

LOVE this post Kim, especially the line about real artists having a monopoly. Well said! A great book called 'The Artists Way' would probably be of interest to you. It gets the creativity flowing. : )

Kim said...

Thanks Beth! I am going to have to get that book - sounds great!

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