Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Someday/Maybe List

So, a while back I talked about the book Ready for Anything, by David Allen and I mentioned that I jotted a few things down that ressonated with me.  One such item is the Someday/Maybe List.  The premise of this is that by writing down your thoughts of the somethings, that maybe, you would like accomplish, you don't lose great ideas, or fill up that precious space in your brain with reminders to remember all those wonderful somethings.  What I liked about this concept is that a Someday/Maybe list has no committment to when, or even if, I want to pursue any given item.  It also gives me a place to put and refer back to those ideas that are not a priority, but one day might (or not) be. 

So I decided to start my Someday/Maybe List...
  • Write a Family Mission Statement
  • Renovate Master Bathroom and Kitchen
  • Paint on Canvas (and be proud to hang it)
  • Write and Get Published
  • Travel across the USA with JT and the boys (before JT & I become "uncool")
  • Coordinate a Weekend Retreat for Moms
  • Start Creating Digital Scrapbooks for our family
  • Do a Heritage Scrapbook for my siblings
  • Reorganize Closets throughout the house
  • Become More Spiritual (and understand what that means for me)
  • Find a local Clinton or Stacy to tell me What Not To Wear (and if they have the $5000 for me to spend, that would be great too!)
I'm sure there will be things that I add, and stuff that will be removed - but putting these wonderful thoughts and great plans on paper is surprisingly powerful.  I feel one step closer to actually acheiving a dream or two!

What would be on your Something/Maybe List?


Glenn said...

Great Post! The Someday/Maybe List has to be one of my favorite parts of GTD as well.

Melissa said...

I got here through GTD connect - I'm glad to find your blog!

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