Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sometimes I just feel stuck. Usually Google helps me become unstuck. For instance, when AB came home from preschool with a Leprechaun Trap assignment, I was not sure how to help him. So we headed straight to Google, typed in “live animal traps” and found pictures of trapped raccoons in cages that were a bit more complex than the abilities of a preschooler. So, on a whim, I typed “leprechaun traps” and *pop, pop, POP, pop* multiple sites appeared, including step by step guides, images, and videos! Who knew?!!?

This happens daily.
I get stuck – google it...

“potty training” *bam*   Solutions (or at least things I can try).

“How do I to start a blog?” *poof*   Lots of answers and suggestions.

“Fun activities for kids in Cleveland" *abracadabra*   Bazillion lists of ideas.

I even remember…
“Why does my 9 month old baby have bright green poop?” *gasp*, ANSWERS!

Google, it’s an amazing tool.

In this world, where all the answers seem to be at my fingertips, I expect to dig up life’s solutions quickly, painlessly, and easily. But, in this process of rediscovery, I am finding that is not always the case. Google is great about answering (correctly or not) questions of fact. And it is also good about providing multiple opinions and solutions for many problems. But, Googling “What should I do next?” or “Am I a good mom?” or “How do I know that what I am choosing to do with my life is right?” or “Where am I headed?” will not give me the answers I am looking for. The answers to these questions are not quick, painless, or simple and the solutions are not instantaneous or available 24/7.

I know that I need to look inward and that only I have the answers to these questions. I know by embracing the journey – the ups and the downs – I will find my way and have my answers. It is a process. I know I need patience, persistence, serenity, and time.

Yep, I know all that (and I even believe it to be true)…

But today, I am feeling stuck,
and I just wish I could google my way out of it.

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Debbie said...

what DID we do before the internet?????

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