Monday, March 15, 2010

A Perfect Evening

On Saturday night I had a party. Before having children, I used to host many parties, for various reasons - birthdays, holidays, bon voyage, congratulatory, etc. Others times I would create a reason to get people together - my favorite being the "Come-sit-your-ass-on-my-new-red-couch party." Since having my boys, I still host gatherings, but not near as often as I used to.

Saturday’s event, in my pre-kids life would have merely been classified as a “get-together”.  It was two of my mommy friends (one with spouse, the other spouse-free for the evening) and their children - for a total of five adults and five children (ages 5 - 2...all boys). While, I do hazily recall screaming, running, crying, chasing, playing, happy children, in my mind, what I really remember it as a wonderful night of grown-up conversation, good friends, yummy food, and wine...
(I even got out my favorite Party Plates!)

What more could I want?
It was a perfect evening!
 What's your perfect evening?

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